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Mini Makeover Ideas For Your Kitchen

If you dream of an updated, upgraded kitchen, don¡¯t feel guilty about it. Kitchens sell houses, as any real estate expert will tell you. They¡¯re also the heart of the home, where we spend most of our time, studies show. So improving this important living space is a sound financial investment, and an investment in your family¡¯s happiness.
You don¡¯t need to spend a lot to create a dramatic difference in your kitchen. A mini-makeover may be all that you need to turn that blah kitchen into the showpiece of your home.  
¡°When people think of kitchen renovation, they usually think of the expensive ventures, like replacing cabinets, countertops and appliances,¡± says Dan Auer of Faucet.com, a leading online retailer of decorative home products. ¡°But starting small - with easy yet dramatic changes that can be done in a weekend - can make a big difference in the appearance and value of your kitchen.¡±
Auer offers a few tips for getting started on your kitchen¡¯s mini-makeover:
* First, pick up some home magazines or visit some model homes in your area to get ideas. Pay close attention to the projects that will make the most impact but will be easy to accomplish, like wall color, sinks and faucets, lighting fixtures, cabinet knobs and accessories.
* Forego the frustration of home improvement stores, where what you want may not be in stock, or where you can spend hours looking for someone to answer questions or get the product you want. Take advantage of online resources, like www.Faucet.com, where you can see exactly what¡¯s in inventory, and shop by style, finish brand or price range from a selection of more than 50,000 sinks, faucets and accessories all with just the click of a mouse.
* A new faucet can vastly improve the look and usability of your kitchen. Installing a new one is a basic improvement within the abilities of the average homeowner. When choosing your new faucet, keep in mind both the look you want to achieve and how you will be using the faucet.
For example, if you¡¯re often trying to regulate water temperature with one hand (while the other handles 10 other tasks), a single-hand faucet offers easy control. If you¡¯re creating a traditional or period-style look, consider a two-handle faucet. Serious cooks may consider adding a pot-filler faucet, which mounts on the wall near the range to allow you to fill a pot that¡¯s already on the stove.
* ¡°Sinks are an important factor in a kitchen¡¯s overall appearance, yet many people overlook them completely,¡± Auer says. Stainless steel, cast iron, single bowl, double bowl or even triple bowl ¨C kitchen sinks now come in styles, sizes, colors and features to fit virtually every d¨¦cor and work space.
The number of bowls you¡¯ll choose will depend on your personal preferences and how you use your sink. Heavy food prep use may call for two or even three bowls, while use as a rinsing station may require only one bowl. The material you choose should complement the overall look of your kitchen. If you need help deciding which sink is right for you, Faucet.com offers a Kitchen Sink Buying Guide.
* Next, look up ¨C at your lighting. While kitchens in some high-end new homes may already be decked out with the latest in lighting, chances are if you¡¯re in an older home you have some very basic overhead lighting. While this lighting might be functional, it¡¯s not always visually attractive. Fortunately, it¡¯s an easy job for a do-it-yourselfer to replace a basic overhead fluorescent fixture with something equally bright but more visually appealing. Under-the-counter task lighting is also a must for a well-lit modern kitchen. And a few artfully placed pendant lights over a breakfast bar or kitchen island can impart elegance and practicality.
When you¡¯re ready to start shopping for your mini-kitchen makeover, log on to www.Faucet.com  for more ideas, inspirations and easy shopping.

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