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No non-professional staff.Electricians must hold the certificate. No non-professional staff. At the end electircal constructure should be taken pictures to meet the demand of maintenance or other needs in the construction phase.

All different kinds of wires are used according the correct color separation and ensure consistent color within the same room.
We use dedicated machines to open slot and the slot is required to be vertical or horizontal. The edge should be slotted to be rough. Beside the ipouring concrete boards ,we use single-strand copper wires. There are no kink of wire covered by wearing tube.

(A)waterpipe leading to the kitchen:
Wire and waterpipe are not allowed in the same hole and keep the distance between them.
(B)NO uncovered wires in bathroom, kitchen or balcony.
(C)Gas pipe must be visable. Gas pipe shnoud be non-joint when across the room to another with distance of more than 30CM from wires to wearing pipe.
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