Xiexiaopang Crab pot restaurant
Xiexiaopang Crab pot restaurant
Project Name: Xiexiaopang Crab pot restaurant
Project Area: 403 m²
Project Cost: 456,000
Project Duration: 40days
Project Address:5F,Pinault Printemps Redoute,NO.762,Tianshan road
LA Jolla Seafood
LA Jolla Seafood
Project Name: LA Jolla Seafood
Project Area: 220 m²
Project Cost: 290,000
Project Duration: 35days
Project Address:3017A,F3,Wanda Plaza,Yixing
DONGYITIAO pickled fish
DONGYITIAO pickled fish
Project Name: DONGYITIAO pickled fish
Project Area: 396 m²
Project Cost: 513,000
Project Duration: 47 days
Project Address: 3F,One PriME,NO.1363 North Sichuan road
The Seafood restaurant
The Seafood restaurant
Project Name: The Seafood restaurant
Project Area: 249 m²
Project Cost: 330,000
Project Duration: 57 days
Project Address:2F-008,Zhengda square,NO.111,Luxiang road
Pickled fish Restaurant
Pickled fish Restaurant
Project Name: Pickled fish Restaurant
Project Area: 197 m²
Project Cost: 243,000
Project Duration: 35 days
Project Address:2F,No.4288,Zhenbei road,Yuefang Life Square
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