The king of stoves
The king of stoves
Project Name: The king of stoves
Project Area: 1673 m²
Project Cost: 1,700,000
Project Duration: 70 days
Project Address:No.1187,North of Chuanhuan road,Pudong district,Sha
Tasty of the Northeast
Tasty of the Northeast
Project Name: Tasty of the Northeast
Project Area: 350 m²
Project Cost: 310,000
Project Duration:  50days
Project Address: NO.747,Baoxiang road,Jiading district
Northeast Farm's yard
Northeast Farm
Project Name: Northeast Farm's yard
Project Area: 505 m²
Project Cost: 260,000
Project Duration: 35 days
Project Address: Xinnan street,Xinqiao town,Songjiang District,NO.511-51
YanLanLou Restaurant
YanLanLou Restaurant
Project Name: YanLanLou Restaurant
Project Area: 1078 m²
Project Cost: 1,350,000
Project Duration: 35 days
Project Address: 4F,ShimaoSquare,No.258,West Nanjing Road,Shanghai
WeiHong Restaurant
WeiHong Restaurant
Project Name: WeiHong Restaurant
Project Area: 920 m²
Project Cost: 11,50,000
Project Duration:  75days
Project Address: NO.5100,Hunan Road,Shanghai
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