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     Warm is the heart of Linghai ... ...
     The warm orange of Linghai like the warm sun approached us that since the initial contact with our warranty after decoration, you will never feel the cold. starting from the customer¡¯s heart, Linghai will bring warm to every detail of services.
    About design---- Diverse idea of design offers you changeable choice
    Holding the planes, to pursuit perfection you should be pondering whether there are better ideas? Senior designers in Linghai have prepared several sets of designs for you, so that you can choose among a multiplicity of programs compared. Designers will be careful to understand your needs at any time and revised again to realize your new idea and your imagenation just for you, and finally the perfect mixture of designers¡¯ inspiration and your favourate grow into the final design.
    About service---- Smile is our passport
Each customer has his/her own customer service commissioner. She will serve you from the first time you approached us, including the initial free consultation, return visits, offering the traffic routes, parking locations inquiries.
   About materials, ---- Never "non-green"
Lost in the sea of building materials? Lost for the changeable price? Linghai serve you recommendation, introduction and acceptance checks for free and set staff to accompany with you to purchase. "Non-green" is something than we will never tolerate. 10-year experience will be shared with you. nly durable, health and comfort material is allowed into your space.
     About construction ---- to meet the customer¡¯s "excessive" demands
Linghai spended 10-years effort to build the Jiangsu and Zhejiang construction team and they will provide you their best. Linghai¡¯s good word of mouth is based on each high-quality work. With those professional teams, even if the customer requests something "excessive", Linghai will understand the customer need and make every effort to do a good job. About sincerity ---- the soft warm touch of orange
      The arrangment of soft decoration(the part can be moved) is a part of the work of design. Designers in Linghai devote all their talent. As early as the beginning of the in-depth communication, the soft decoration has been in consideration. They will accompany you to layout space, furniture.
     A bout warranty ---- "Linghaii decoration hospital" make you no worry
      Whole project¡¯s warranty can last as long as two years and five-year warranty of hidden projects.What¡¯s more, Ling-hoi commits: to all customer whose space is decorated here, the hospital continues to enjoy permanent free of charge (labor charges and accessories fee). Achieve complete peace of mind.
   About details---- handle the examination and procedures of fire safety,    environmental protection, hygiene and disease control.
Linghai established steady friendship with her customers.With the help of 10-year solid social foundation and personal connections,Linghai has the capbility to help you handle those the examination and procedures of fire safety, environmental protection, health and epidemic prevention, quality supervision, security and so on; Linghai even will help you tackle the application of taxation, etc; Linghai will help you to exam the quaility of decoration and design advertisement billboards and other facilities. Service is to light your hearts.

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